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Pre Rental Services

Pre Rental Maintenance

  • We strongly believe that you should turn the property over to the tenants at the beginning of the lease in the condition that you want it returned in when they leave.  We have created a proprietary Condition Checklist that goes through the property room by room, noting the condition from the ceilings to the floors.  A copy is given to the tenant and they agree to return the property in the same condition or risk forfeiting a portion of their security deposit.
  • We will take care of all cleaning, painting, and maintenance.  We do a thorough walk-through to make sure there are no potential safety issues that may expose you to risk.

Tenant Placement

  • Advertise the property for rent on Rent Café, Craigslist and more!
  • Secure a qualified tenant by verifying all references, income, creditworthiness, and perform background checks. Verify employment history and income, previous landlord references, and any other checks as requested by the landlord.
  • Draft lease and sign with tenants, add all required addendums or property-specific provisions as instructed by the owner.

Budget Analysis

  • Maximize your income by carefully analyzing your monthly cash flow.  
  • Many factors go into creating a budget including: the type of property you own, age of the property, number of tenants, possible risks, and always— a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan.


Reoccurring Monthly Services

Rent Collection

  • Monthly rent collection via online payment option.
  • Pursue delinquencies accordingly.

Accounts Payable

  • Pay municipal bills such as the water & sewer bill, property taxes, etc. Pay any common electric, gas or other utility bills.
  • Pay insurance premiums, mortgage, etc.
  • Ensure the tenants have established utility accounts with EverSource and/or Berkshire Gas.

Monthly Statements

  • Prepare a detailed monthly financial statement that breaks down the gross income vs. net income, expenses, accounts payable, and all other items listed.
  • Record any important communication with the tenants or any other form of communication that is important for you as the owner to know.


Property Maintenance Services

Regular Property Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance—establish annual pest mitigation plans, prioritize capital improvement projects, establish service contracts for fuel-burning boilers, HVAC heating and cooling service contracts, etc. Preventative maintenance contracts are established on an as-needed basis
  • Lawn care and snow removal coordination
  • Common area maintenance
  • Monthly inspections of the exterior and common areas, interior inspections of individual units are performed on an as-needed basis, but at least once a year

Capital Improvements

  • Obtain several quotes and bids for work to ensure the best price.
  • Supervise all work from start to finish.  Update you with photos of all ongoing work.
  • Help you consider any major renovations that may increase rents and perform cost-benefit analysis prior to the commencement of any work


As Needed & Upon Request

Tenant Turnover

  • Handle all move-ins and move-outs.
  • Perform inspection of the premises after a tenant has moved out, refund the security deposit, if applicable.
  • Schedule and coordinate cleaning, painting, and anything else that may be needed in between tenants (pre-rental maintenance cycle).

Security Deposits

  • Assist you with the process of placing tenants’ security deposit in an interest-bearing escrow account in accordance with MA law.
  • Return security deposits to tenants upon vacating; account for earned interest and deductions, if any.

Legal Processes

  • Advise you on the eviction process and send the tenant any violation notices (Please note- any eviction that is filed in court will require a qualified real estate attorney, violation notices and rent payment demand letters may be written by the property manager).
  • Work with the Town municipality in regards to any certifications, inspections, violations, complaints, fines, or notice. Correct any issues in order to prevent any further incidents.

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